Rails CMS

Why aren't there many CMS's for rails? This is the question I asked myself a million times before I ended up just making my own. 

Rails is a pretty interesting framework, in that you can make a lot happen very quickly (if you know what you are doing haha). I've thought about making my own CMS for years, and then one late night I found myself disgusted at how much work it took to completely gut and override all of Refinery's views. I wanted to have all of the views editable on my server, and to have my own custom dashboard that I could manage everything on. That, as it turned out, was looking pretty daunting. Spina was also looking pretty great, but I didn't need as much as it was offering, and definitely wanted to disable the user from editing anything having to do with styles or anything (Think this. I only wanted a user to upload blog posts, and leave page development etc to front end developers.). 

I like working with systems where I understand everything + can gain access to code if I need to, and this was the perfect opportunity to finally make the CMS i've always dreamed of.  Late one night, cat and I went to work. Cat Management System is named for that night + is a "CMS" pun. It includes all the basic things one could need:

  1. Basic Security
    1. Users + user sessions.
    2. http access authentication.
    3. google reCaptcha integration.
    4. Form hidden Captcha
  2. Environmental variable set up.
    1. You need to provide your own .env file for secret keys etc. 
  3. Bootstrap framework, because it's my fav. 
  4. Style guide.
    1. SCSS variables. 
    2. All things you don't want to think about when making a site. It's highly customizable, so you can tweak it as you go.
  5. "Posts"
    1. Includes Froala WYSIWYG editor installation. However, you need to get your own license. It's sooo great. Easy set up + converts your text into html safe output. 
    2. Paperclip for image uploads.
  6. Categories for "posts".
  7. Social Sharing
    1. Facebook sharing set up.
    2. Twitter tweeting set up.
  8. S3 integration
    1. All image uploads (via Paperclip or Froala) go to whatever bucket you want in Amazon S3.  Don't keep that stuff on your local, man.

But does it work? Why, yes it does. You're looking at it, actually. I'm moving all of my web properties to this CMS in order to eat my own dog food. I will eventually be making this into an Open Source gem, and look forward to changing the perception of Rails CMS's forever.