Homepage Redesign

I’m a big fan of Creative Market’s products, but their website is another story. I’ve had a bunch of ideas on how they could re UX their homepage, so I decided to take a day to re make it so that it would engage users more effectively, be more organized, and be more responsive to users. I’m a project manager at heart, so re imagining a website, its functions, and its direction is what I do.


The goal: 

Engage a broader range of users and create a uniform experience on desktop and mobile.

The guidelines: 

My UX rules for the site include the following:

  • Hover effects will be used with caution and in moderation in order to maintain consistent user interaction between desktop and mobile.
  • Simplify overall design by using appropriate padding, larger images, and responsive font sizes.
  • Design around a width of 100% for a website that scales smoothly. I always envision how a product flows from one device to the other. In order to not confuse users coming to a completely re designed website, I strategically picked and chose which styles from the original site I would keep in order to retain familiarity.

The obstacles:
Simplifying the layout for users and engaging as many different types of users as possible. Part of this is deciding what to keep and what to take out for mobile vs desktop, which sections to highlight to better engage users, deciding what the primary goal of the mobile/desktop user would be, and what types of users typically use their website.


  1. Since the majority of this site is just browsing of items, I decided to make descriptive headers left aligned so that it would be easier for users to read quickly skimming from left to right (assuming that the majority of their users speak a language that is left -> right oriented, like English).
  2. Making main points in headers more bold than their descriptions as to grab the attention of the “browser” type users.
  3. Adding a section above the fold that would display new featured products (keeping users coming back). Creative Market’s current homepage is at a loss for meaningfully engaging users above the fold, and this would be a great improvement. Adding a section that would ideally update weekly as well as sporadically in order to keep users not only on a schedule for visiting but to also keep them guessing when there might be new featured products. This is an ideal hook for the “browser” and “researcher” users.
  4. Prominently displaying important information (statistics, pretty graphs, etc…) that would sway users to sign up or get involved. This also validates the users decision to get involved if “everyone” is doing it. We are a social species that likes to see statistics of others before we make our decisions.
  5. Making the mobile navigation more accessible (by sticking it to the top of the screen). Their official version doesn’t allow for constant mobile menu accessibility, which is tedious for the user. If they want to save on screen size, I would recommend that the menu not stick to the top until you scroll up (when it magically appears at the top of your screen). Cleaning out the footer clutter. There was a lot of information in the footer that didn’t necessarily have to be there and was repetitive.

Creative Market’s current homepage

My new UX idea page