Wordpress Theme

I got to make the new e commerce  theme for Discovery Museum and Planetarium! They were about 20 years over due for a new website, and it was a lot of fun to work with my best friend (their Director of Development) on the project.

Their original site was:

  1. Overcharging them for what it gave them.
  2. Outdated.
  3. Not Mobile ready, meaning that viewing it on a mobile device was a nightmare. 
  4. Difficult to navigate. They had 4 different types of navigation, which didn't make any sense. 
  5. Not an ecomerce website. All of their donations and such were going through physical papers and paypal links. 

Original home page:

New theme home page:

After completing the website theme for them I turned everything over to their brave internal team to carry it forward into the future.  They may evolve the styles over time to their own tastes, and it feels good to know I got them a new, fresh start. Check out or better yet:

Check out my theme live