Landing page

I got to make Autodesk's Project Escher website! They worked so hard on their project that they forgot to make a quick website for their launch. So, I got to make this from scratch over 5 hours the night before they launched (wires, mocks, style guide, implementation). YAY haha

**Checkout their project video! Basically, they wrote software that can link several FDM 3D printers together on a single print. This means that a large print that could take a week to complete (given that there are no errors in the which case you have to start over, and it takes an infinite amount of time) now could take a severe fraction of the time. What a time to be alive! It's the future, man.

This looks like a pretty standard website, but what's so great about building it was that I spun up a node server to render scss. Now, I can take this template and quickly make whatever people need for their landing pages. 

Check it out