All website endeavors.

Let me just start by saying that my website is a UX design nightmare.

There are so many things to include on one website, and users seem to be looking for two completely different people: A Neuroscientist/web developer/UX designer and a Musician/Artist/Blogger. I tried making everything I do into one website for years, but it could never pass basic good practices such as the “Three Click Rule” (Making it so that users can get to anything they need in three clicks or less). I would also have issues with people coming to the website and being confused by so much information at once. Then, it hit me: splitting the website into two separate websites in order to have users quickly get to the information they are looking for as well as not confuse them in their efforts. It also was kind of cool (with my neuroscience background) to call the sections “Left” and “Right” brain after Roger W. Sperry’s early theory. 

*** It is important to note that the "Right brain / Left brain" theory is not at all correct in the strictest scientific sense, but makes for an awesome website organizational tool. Here is an article to read if you want to get distracted and read all about it ***

All Kaitlyn Hova web properties include:

  1. Landing page
    • list of upcoming presentations / performances.
    • Direction to right / left brain areas.
    • List of important projects. 
  2. "Left Brain" portfolio
    • All code, neuroscience, and UX projects. 
  3. "Right Brain" website 
    • All music, video, and art projects. 
  4. "Adventures" blog 
    • When I have the time, I spontaneously share the random adventures I find myself in.

*** I'm currently in the process of refreshing all of my web properties by introducing a style guide, consistent CMS , and moving everything to subdomains. Thank you for your patience. I've had these web properties going since I started messing around with websites in 2003, and it was time to find a solid way to consolidate them. ***

EXAMPLE PAGE: Landing page

For the landing page I decided to go big (as usual). I love to have users get the gist of the website’s areas of interest in the first second of looking at it.