UX projects

I had a great time working for Lumosity! I was placed on the Transcend team, which focuses on improving the user’s experience and getting them more engaged. The UI projects I got to work on were 1) the milestone journey view, 2) the training goal Calendar, 3)Trainer Featured Game. If you are a full access user (you pay for your account), have taken your fit test, and are in the correct split tests, this is what they will look like on your dashboard:

This is the new module (outlined below in pink ) that will pop up on your dashboard if there is a brand new game that was just released. Once you click “Start Workout” I cracked into their workout generator to make sure that your first game would be the new game. This turned out to be overly complicated, and the tests that I paired on for it required a heroic amount of stubbing conditions.

This is the new module (outlined below in pink) that will live on your dashboard if you are in the correct split test and are a “milestone user”. It depicts which level you are at in a glance.

This was a fun one. It was my very first project at Lumosity, and I got to pair with the amazing Cameron Dutro for this one. The goal was to give the user more short term goals by displaying one week on your sidebar instead of a whole month (see calendar above). Further, we wanted to give the user an incentive to give us consistent data — ahem — train at least three times a week. Thus, we made the calendar display some sweet gif stars and a banner highfive-ing you over the internet for every day you go over three training sessions per week. Check out what it looks out before and after you reach your goal of three days. The module is highlighted in pink: